Fat babe.


I'm feisty.


A lover.

A hippie.


Tattoos <3

Big hair.

I hope to be something kickass, like a lion or orca in my next life.

Passionate, kind, and caring.

I have a big mouth, and heart to match.


When we first saw these awesome colour pencil drawings by California-based artist Ester Roi, we were convinced they must be similar to some of the work by artist Keng Lye, and actually be part sculpture. But we were mistaken. These drawings really are completely flat:

Ester Roi works colored pencils to create drawings of imagined riverbeds that exhibit a superb understanding of the interaction between light, color and water. Roi uses a special drawing device called the Icarus Drawing Board that allows her to effectively create warm and cool “zones” underneath a wax-based medium. According to her website “the warm zone is used for mixing pigments, blending, burnishing and reworking. The cool zone is used for line drawing, layering, detailing and finishing touches.”

Esther’s drawings are so extraordinarily colourful that they remind of us of the rainbow bubble gum rocks we enjoyed when we were little.

Visit Ester Roi’s Facebook pageto view more of her amazing artwork.

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me in other people's showers:what the fuck is going on


I love sunglasses, am I looking at that tree? Am I staring at your dick? Who knows!

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I want to live in your energy. To become your aura. To fuel your love and demolish your hate and rage. To make you as pure as you could possibly be

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